Handing over and taking over charges of KIITAA


Dear Alumni,

We are pleased to inform you that the handing over and taking over charges of KIIT Alumni Association (KIITAA) was held on 4th-January-2018 at KSAC, Campus-13. After the election, the following members have taken over the charges as:

  •  Mr. Salin DDML Agarwal - KIITAA President
  •  Ms. Papiya Ranabijayani Samal - KIITAA Vice President
  •  Mr. Sachikant Kumar - KIITAA Secretary
  •  Mr. Amarshi Panda - KIITAA Treasurer


After the taking over the charges by the new office bearers, the outgoing office bearers were thanked for successfully completing their tenure.

                           Congratulation to All of you !!

The entire proceedings went on nicely and successfully in the presence of the following members :

  • Dr. Sucheta Priyabdini, Director Students Services.
  • Dr. Sushant Tripathy, Professor School of Mechanical Engg. (Dy. Director, Students Services).
  • Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura, Reader, Kalinga Institute of Dental Science ( Assistant Director, Students Services).